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Citizen: Grief. is brought to you by Grief & The Modern Girl and is for you, dear griever, first and foremost.

Then, it's for your support network, your friends, your family, and the world and all those that don't get it.


Despite the ubiquity of the grief experience, it's considered a private, solitary experience. A reality thrust upon those who were once as ignorant as the world that now doesn't fit anymore. 


So, let's change that. Let's shift the conversation. Let's bring grief into mainstream discourse and help you feel less alone, and more understood. We have poetry, reflections, actionable topics and plenty of space for you to vent, and find a connection. No pretense. No judgment. No platitudes.

After all, all grief needs wants and expects is acknowledgment. Join me, us, on this journey. After all, no one should have to learn how to swim when they're drowning.

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