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Mason Anderson
Mason Anderson

Gullfoss VST VST3 AAX V1.4.1-R2R

a factory eq sometimes doesnt give you the complete picture, so theres always the possibility of extracting something you havent experienced before. the potential for converting your project to the studio sound might even inspire you to go about the process a bit differently. if you find that youre creating an especially harsh mix, experiment with warming the bass, or pulling the high end back.

Gullfoss VST VST3 AAX v1.4.1-R2R

for me, the most obvious and useful application is to use gullfoss to restore a flat sounding mix. i make a habit of turning up the fader (or cutdown the volume of the mix in the daw) by a couple of db to produce the desired impact. after experimenting with a factory eq, i found gullfosss eq to be superior in this respect, because there is very little boomyness about it. in fact, the egs are so tasteful that they almost disappear from the mix. this allows me to push the levels up towards the maximum without getting noticed.

gullfosss eq is just as usable in a mix when using extreme compression to adjust the dynamics. i use it for this almost as often as i use it for flat mixes. because of gullfosss ability to increase clarity, i dont find it necessary to use compression in this manner. i save the usual kind for crushing the lows or bringing the highs up, and i use gullfoss as a steady-state compensation. i just use it to tame the output levels, especially when things start to get off the rails.

gullfoss v1.4.1 for mac os aax vst au win32/64 (64-bit) download soundtheory gullfoss v1.1 - soundtheory gullfoss v1.1.39. ruaf technology the gullfoss plugin is easy to install and can be used at once..


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