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This is Grief

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Learning to breathe again,

because there is a new weight

so heavy on your chest

the labor to inflate your lungs

for the sheer act of existence

seems impossible

Learning to walk again,  

because there is a hole

so expansive

you worry that standing will cause

all of your insides to come spilling out  

Learning to talk again,

because your voice has been replaced

with silent cries of agony

from the words on your tongue

now forever left unsaid...


Learning to be again,

because with all your wounds,

none are seen and

no one understands

the gravity of your ache, your pain, your trauma

This is what grief is like.

This is every day.

All the time.

Sometimes it’s lighter,

sometimes it’s the darkest it’s ever been

...until the next time. 

But each day, all that is asked,

all that it wanted,

is a moment of care,

for someone may be struggling and enduring more than they think they can

...and yet they still do it.

They get up again the next day,

and face what gifts their grief brings them.

Courage. Creativity. Connection.  

Just pause and always aim for kindness when presented with a choice.  

It’s true, you never know what someone may be going through. 

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