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Episode 3: Grief & The Holidays

As I approach the first anniversary and the holidays - all rolled up into one painful ball, I enlisted the support of a certified Grief Counselor and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Kirsten Belzer, to provide some guidance. I talk through what makes this hard for me, perhaps you can relate too, and Kirsten and I have a conversation about what to expect, how to prepare, why to prepare and what you can say to that cruel uncle who just doesn't know when or how to stop pushing your buttons. Give it a listen. Share it, and most of all, take care of yourself. Reach out to me on Instagram; I'd love to hear your experience, thoughts, and what's going on with you around this time of year.

Additional Resources/Sources:

Three C's for Holiday Grief, Hospice Foundation of America

Kirsten Belzer, LCSW, MPH

Support Groups:


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