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Mason Anderson

Orange Targets South Africa With New IP And IPX PoP’s

If the status light on the switch flashes orange, this usually means there is some kind of hardware problem with the port or the module or the switch. The same thing is true if the port or module status indicates faulty.

Orange targets South Africa with new IP and IPX PoP’s

The MLS-SE is a switch with special hardware. For a member of the Catalyst 5xxx family, MLS requires that the supervisor have a NetFlow Feature Card (NFFC) installed; the Supervisor IIG and IIIG have one by default. In addition, a bare minimum of Catalyst OS 4.1.1 software is also required. Note that the 4.x train has 'gone General Deployment (GD),' or passed rigorous end-user criteria and field-experience targets for stability, so check the Cisco website for the latest releases. IP MLS is supported and automatically enabled for Catalyst 6xxx hardware and software with the MSFC/PFC (other routers have MLS disabled by default). Note that IPX MLS and MLS for multicasting can have different hardware and software (Cisco IOS and Catalyst OS) requirements. More Cisco platforms do/can support the MLS feature. Also,MLS must be enabledin order for a switch to be an MLS-SE.


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