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The Amazing Race - Season 27

The Amazing Race 27 is the twenty-seventh season of the American reality television show The Amazing Race. It featured eleven teams of two competing in a race around the world.[2]

The Amazing Race - Season 27

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Dating news reporters Kelsey Gerckens and Joey Buttitta of KEYT-TV were the winners of this season, while engaged couple Justin Scheman and Diana Bishop finished in second place, and dating paparazzi Logan Fazio and Chris Gordon finished in third.

After the season aired, Kelsey & Joey got engaged during their interview on Home and Family,[9] and eventually married on August 25, 2017.[10] On January 22, 2020, they both appeared on an episode of CBS's Let's Make a Deal[11] while Kelsey was pregnant with their son.[12]

The Amazing Race 27 received mixed reviews. Jodi Walker of Entertainment Weekly called this season "a pretty odd season of The Amazing Race."[20] Whitney McIntosh of Uproxx called this season "subpar at best, with many of the teams boring audiences or just completely botching the race tasks altogether."[21] Luke Gelineau of TV Equals called it "one of the most frustrating seasons in recent memory, with some of the dumbest and most clueless teams in Race history".[22] In 2016, this season was ranked 19th out of the first 27 seasons by the Rob Has a Podcast Amazing Race correspondents.[23]

Featuring teams made up of parents and children, married couples, athletes, news anchors and even two TMZ reporters, this exciting season -- which kicked off in Venice Beach, California in July -- looks like it's going to be a nail-biter.

So who has the best chance at circumnavigating the globe and taking home the prize money and the sweet, sweet glory of victory? Check out all the season 27 contestants below to see who you think will win.

Rounding out the 11 destinations for the new season of "The Amazing Race" include Agra, India; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Hong Kong/Macau, China; Krakow, Poland; Long Island, New York; Paris, France; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; San Antonio de Areco, Argentina; and Victoria Falls Zambia.

Like the past season, this season The Amazing Race was covered entirely by correspondent Jessica Liese. In addition to appearing on the podcast, Jessica Liese continued to blog about nearly every episode. Friday night featured a show with Rob and Jessica almost immediately after the episode to discuss it, much like Survivor Know-it-Alls. RHAP also continued to interview each week's eliminated team with some exceptions.

The 27th Season of The Amazing Race. The initial twist of this season was not only a Bait-and-Switch fast forward in the first leg, but a "transferrable" express pass which meant that a team who used an express pass in the race had to give it to another team. Apparently the producers were obviously taking notes regarding the difficulty of previous seasons and the ever-increasing presence of savvy teams and decided to hit them with even more challenges. Other changes included a leg with 2 Roadblocks and a Detour, 3 separate legs with U-Turns, a speed bump that required both team members to finish a Roadblock, and a finale which included not one, but three separate memory challenges. While the previous season was heavily criticized for its premise of dating and blind dating teams that ended up with a relatively boring season as the finished product, this season's cast was only slightly better. Despite the cast itself being rather uncompetitive, there were better interactions between the teams compared to the previous season. This allowed them to overcome an issue with 1 team dominating the entire season, and ended with a surprise finish for a team who was Out of Focus for pretty much the entire season. Overall this resulted in the race finishing on a better note than the previous one.

Dating News Anchors from Santa Monica, California. They started off slow, with eighth and seventh place finishes in the first two legs, but quickly became a fixture in the top four. Come leg 7, they would go on to finish second for five consecutive legs, always minutes behind the lead teams and becoming Justin and Diana's main threat after the Texas boys were eliminated. Though they usually kept smiles on their faces, being the only team in the top three that hadn't had instances of consistent bickering, they were very much of the This Is a Competition mindset, playing around with both sides of the Justin & Diana debate and using the second U-Turn on Tanner and Josh, even though they had a Speed Bump to complete. Though they were initially in third for the first part of the finale, they were the only team to keep their cab at the Roadblock, ushering an intrusive Logan and Chris out when they tried to steal it, and never lost their lead after that, finishing in first and winning the race.

  • Always Second Best: They won 5 consecutive 2nd place finishes which, as the legs went on, would frustrate them to no end. Subverted for the final leg when taxi issues deep-sixed both Justin & Diana and Chris & Logan's games, allowing them to win.

  • Always Someone Better: Kelsey and Joey regarded Justin & Diana as this, when coming in second place behind them three times.

  • Beware the Quiet Ones: How Krista described them U-Turning Tanner & Josh.

  • Joey said that if Logan and Chris did not leave the cab that was waiting for them in the finale, Joey was going to physically throw them out.

  • Didn't See That Coming: Joey's reaction at the Pit Stop in Leg 11 to Justin & Diana's penalty. Even Phil Lampshaded this by saying this word-for-word.

  • Drives Like Crazy: Kelsey according to Joey whether it would be a vehicle or a shopping cart which is why she was the navigator in the Ship Detour.

  • Flawless Victory: The third team (after Kisha & Jen and Mickey & Pete) to win the finale despite winning no legs prior.

  • The Good Guys Always Win: While all three teams could have been considered villains (as they too tried to manipulate the race to their advantage, leading to U-Turning Tanner & Josh), they were the only team in the finale who weren't always bickering at each other unlike Justin & Diana and Logan & Chris.

  • History Repeats: The third Flawless Victory which had the winning team win no legs before the finale.

  • Informed Attribute: Their alliance with Justin & Diana they claimed to have in leg 10, in leg 11 they were just as openly hostile to them as the other team had been to them all season.

  • Out of Focus: Until the end.

  • Underdogs Never Lose: They were underdogs relative to Justin & Diana.

Engaged from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Justin is known for creating a fake Amazing Race proposal that went viral on YouTube. They struggled on the first leg when they decided to go for a weather-dependent Fast Forward, but still survived to place ninth. From then on, they never fell below third place and went on to win a total of seven legs while setting a franchise record of 5 wins in a row. Naturally, this resulted in Justin getting more and more cocky as the race went on, gaining much hatred from their fellow teams. They would luck their way into the final 3 after a disasterous 11th leg in which they would survive a 55 minute penalty. However this momentum would not carry them in the finale as they would make a critical mistake in allowing their cab to leave them at the Fireman Training roadblock. The time it took to grab another cab was enough for Kelsey and Joey to just finish ahead of them, leaving them in 2nd place.

  • Ascended Fanboy: Justin created an fake Amazing Race course that lasted 5,000 miles.

  • Book Ends: Their only Reality Show Genre Blindness moments came on the first and last legs of the race. Each moment came with a serving of Manly Tears by Justin during that leg.

  • Break the Haughty: The entire penultimate leg was this for them, culminating in them just barely beating out the cheerleaders. Justin went right back to being his cocky self before the final leg, and would be hit with this again when they finished second to Kelsey and Joey.

  • Chekhov's Hobby: Diana has a knack for building furniture. This was ultimately subverted as while it did allow them to make up some time at the Adirondack challenge, it was not enough to overcome the deficit to Kelsey and Joey.

  • Disaster Dominoes: The 11th leg saw them on the receiving end of a major change in luck for the worst thanks to two bad cabs. Subverted as they (barely) survived the leg.

  • Epic Fail: The penultimate leg saw them make multiple mistakes with transportation that nearly saw them get eliminated from the Race in an embarrassing manner. First, they drove away from the end of their Detour, and their non-English speaking driver had to stop and ask for directions back when he drove them to a hotel on the other side of Hong Kong. Then their next cab driver misinterpreted their directions and took them to an incorrect ferry, which led to them receiving a 55 minute penalty upon reaching the Pit Stop. Had it not been for the cheerleaders struggling with the Roadblock and getting lost in Macau, they would have failed to reach the final three and been eliminated due to the 4-team final leg not returning from the previous two seasons.

  • Failed a Spot Check: After completing the phone Detour in Hong Kong, they were supposed to take it to a shop just a few steps away. This was highlighted by a street sign that had the street they were looking for. Instead, they got in a cab with a driver who did not speak English and did not know what they were looking for, not only ruining their chances of winning the leg, but starting the dominoes falling to their near-elimination from the Race prior to the final leg.

  • Failing a Taxi: During the finale, when they didn't pay their cab driver enough, he bailed on them after they completed the Roadblock. As they were located in an island that did not see regular cab service, they were forced to board a bus instead.

  • Jerkass: Justin, especially to Diana when they argue about running the race the correct way, which was essentially his way. Most notable during the Drops Mic Detour in Paris which he wanted to do, but Diana wanted to do the Crab detour as she could not speak French. While they completed the Drops Mic detour fast enough, this cemented Justin's reputation as this trope.

  • Keet: Justin tends to have very high-energy on the race. Especially seen in Leg 3 during his calling out at the Gaucho Roadblock and his dancing at the subsequent clue.

  • Large Ham: Justin, again.

  • Manly Tears: Justin after missing out on the Fast Forward and risking elimination in the first leg.

  • Justin again during their disasterous 11th leg when Diana was struggling with the Swimming roadblock.

  • Justin once more during the finale when they lost to Kelsey & Joey.

  • Motor Mouth: Justin. Sense a pattern here?

  • Oh, Crap!: Justin, when they were slapped with a 55-minute penalty in Leg 11. Even Phil lampshaded this to the other teams by saying "Didn't See That Coming, huh?"

  • Read The Freaking Clue: Already behind due to their Failed a Spot Check moment during the detour, they asked a local to direct them to the Hong Kong Ferry to Macau. But the local (who probably didn't understand they were on the Race) gave them directions to the Kowloon Ferry claiming it was faster, Had Justin & Diana read the clue properly, they wouldn't have gone there and probably would not have had that 55 minute penalty. Given Krista's struggles with the subsequent Roadblock, they were likely safe regardless of where they went.

  • Reality Show Genre Blindness: Despite being a superfan, Justin opted for the weather-dependent Fast Forward in Leg 1, which nearly cost them the race.

  • They allowed their cab to leave at the Firefighting Roadblock in the finale, in a place where there were no cabs to be found, forcing them to find a bus back to Manhattan. This would essentially cost them the race.

  • Satellite Character: Justin's Ascended Fanboy and Keet nature, as well as his rivalry with Tanner & Josh, put Diana in the background for most of the first half of the season. She would gain more characterization during the second half.

  • Second Place Is for Losers: At the end of Leg 5, Justin stated that second place was the first loser.

  • Their attitude during the finale highlighted by the fact that they won 7 legs but could not win the finale.

  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: Justin, with Tanner & Josh. Once Tanner & Josh stopped dominating they took up as sole Spotlight-Stealing Squad.

  • Tempting Fate: This started way back in Leg 9, when they won their 6th leg. They mentioned at the pit stop that they had a chance to beat Rachel & Dave's record for most wins in a season. And at the beginning of Leg 11, when they had a chance to at least tie the record, they stated that they were on track, only to suffer their worst leg since Leg 1. Finally during the finale, they mentioned that they were going to tie the record with Justin pretending to be Phil declaring them the winners of the Amazing Race.

  • Villainous Breakdown: Justin during the last 2 legs, first when they were in danger of being eliminated in the 11th leg, and second during the finale when they were put behind after allowing their cab to leave.



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