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Mason Anderson
Mason Anderson

Big Lips Mature

According to The New Zealand Herald, Ivanova has more than quadrupled the size of her lips in the last three years. Still, doctors have told her that future lip injections could be fatal, and they have advised her to pay close attention to any pain in her lips.

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To get established in USDA zones 5 & 6, Western Salvia (noted above) must be planted in spring or early summer, not in the fall. Protect your new plants over their first winter or two in your garden. Cover each plant with a generous pile of clean straw or pine needles. This allows the plant's crown (junction of root and branches) to mature and obtain maximum cold hardiness.

My lab's interests focus on understanding the cerebral cortex. Weuse theoretical and computational methods to unravel the circuitry of the cerebral cortex,the rules by which this circuitry develops or "self-organizes", and thecomputational functions of this circuitry. Our guiding hypothesis --motivated by the stereotypical nature of cortical circuitryacross sensory modalities and, with somewhat more variability,across motor and "higher-order" cortical areas as well -- isthat there are fundamental computations done by the corticalcircuit that are invariant across highly varying inputsignals. In some way that does not strongly depend on the specificcontent of the input, cortex extracts invariant structuresfrom its input and learns to represent these structures in anassociative, relational manner. We (and many others) believe the atomic elementunderlying these computations is likely to be found in thecomputations done by a roughly 1mm-square chunk of thecortical circuit. To understand this element, we have focusedon one of the best-studied cortical systems, primary visualcortex, and also have interest in any cortical system in whichthe data gives us a foothold (such as rodent whisker barrelcortex, studied here at Columbia by Randy Bruno, and monkey area LIP, studied here by Mickey Goldberg, Jackie Gottlieb and Mike Shadlen). The function of this element depends both on its mature pattern of circuitry and on the developmental and learning rules by which this circuitry is shaped by the very inputs that it processes. Thus we focus both on understanding how the mature circuitry creates cortical response properties (see lab publications on Models ofNeuronal Integration and Circuitry, below) and on how this circuitry is shaped by input activity during development and learning (see labpublications on Models ofNeural Development, below). While I was at UCSF, I also had an 041b061a72


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