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[S4E20] The Debate [2021]

It is the day of the debate and Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) has everything organized: Chris (Rob Lowe), Ann (Rashida Jones), and Tom (Aziz Ansari) are the spin team, but Tom is upset because Ann once again broke up with him and she and Chris have been acting very close. Andy (Chris Pratt) and April (Aubrey Plaza) agree to hold a viewing party of the debate at their house for Leslie's donors, but unfortunately Andy forgot to pay the cable bill.

[S4E20] The Debate

At the debate, Leslie is all ready for her planned talking points, but Bobby Newport's (Paul Rudd) campaign manager Jennifer Barkley (Kathryn Hahn) is oddly calm. Chris tells Ann that he wants to give their relationship another chance, which Tom witnesses and further upsets him, resulting in him lashing out at reporters. The debate begins and the crowd - and moderators Perd Hapley and Joan Callamezzo - are in favor of Bobby (the debate is sponsored by his father's company Sweetums), with Bobby acting innocent, naive, but good-intentioned with Leslie coming off as a bully due to her attacks against him. Also, fellow candidate and former porn star Brandi Maxxxx (Mara Marini) agrees with most of Leslie's views, making Leslie seem unexceptional. Meanwhile, Andy entertains the donors by acting out scenes from his favorite movies while Ron (Nick Offerman) climbs a telephone pole to illegally obtain cable for the house.

Bobby's broad and unoffensive prepared answers continue to generate applause, but Leslie slowly wins more support from the crowd with her knowledge. Jennifer reveals Bobby has a secret weapon: he soon announces that if Leslie is elected, his father will move Sweetums to Mexico, therefore eliminating Pawnee's biggest employer. Bobby wins the full support of the crowd, sending Ben into a panic. Leslie convinces Ben to let her improvise her closing statements, insisting she can win the debate. In her closing remarks - which Ron repairs the cable in time for - Leslie reprimands Bobby for holding Pawnee hostage for votes in a stirring speech that wins over the crowd, the moderators, and even Bobby himself. Although Ann thinks about getting back with Chris, she decides to remain single, which saddens Chris but makes Tom happy, believing he can eventually win her back. Leslie and Ben celebrate victory, and a jubilant Bobby, who is happy that the debate is over, invites them to his lake house for a party.

These are some out-of-context lines from that episode, and its surrounding hoopla, that we predict may be spoken tonight at the second presidential debate, either by the nominees onstage or viewers at home. We guessed at the context in which they may be uttered.

It is the day of the debate and Ben Wyatt has everything organized. Chris Traeger, Ann Perkins and Tom Haverford are Leslie Knope's the spin team, but Tom is upset because Ann once again broke up with him and she and Chris have been acting very close. Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate agree to hold a viewing party of the debate at their house for Leslie's donors, but when the time comes to air the debate, they find their have no cable access thanks to an unpaid cable bill.

Ron: [to the donors] Hello! You are here because you gave us money. Now, we will give you ribs. Also, you will watch the debate. If you like the debate, you will give us more money. That is all. Ron Swanson.

It's here: The final stretch of the 2016 election kicks off with tonight's first Presidential Debate. If you need to get in the right mindset for the Trump/Clinton faceoff -- or if you want to skip it altogether -- we suggest watching just a few of the great, albeit sillier, television debates that preceded it. From The West Wing to Boy Meets World, it's all here.

This may be a little too real for some of you, but watch the well-intentioned and absurdly qualified Leslie Knope debate Bobby Newport, an entitled rich guy who speaks a lot without saying anything yet some how culls public favor. The full episode is available on Hulu(Opens in a new tab).

Selina faces off against a former Secretary of Defense, a Congressman and a baseball team manager in this debate, where all her staff wants is to distract from a haircut and a face twitch. Selina flounders, but it ripples on to the other candidates, who end up babbling at their podiums and derailing the whole thing without the help of Selina's team.

After a newspaper describes Claire as "angry and unlikable," Phil and the kids stage a mock debate to prepare her for her city council run. The Dunphy family are ruthless hecklers and Phil makes all kinds of noises to ready Claire for any unforeseen circumstances. Unsurprisingly, the debate doesn't go well.

In an early tradition of curmudgeonly Jeff finding himself unexpectedly invested in the goings-on of Greendale Community College, Jeff and Annie partner up for debate. The debate -- "Is humanity inherently good or evil?" -- turns into a death match of buzz words ("Nuclear bombs!" "Nuclear families!") which Greendale -- as always -- miraculously wins.

The Good Wife's promised debate between Alicia Florrick and Frank Prady gets interrupted, which is what makes it such a unique episode. Instead of letting the State Attorney candidates duke it out, attention shifts to the jury verdict about a black man's death at the hands of the police. It's all kinds of relevant and resonant, and Alicia and Frank end up debating anyway.

Cory runs for class president because of an identity crisis, with Shawn at his side to feed him outlandish campaign promises (not a wall, but some water slides). The debate turns ugly, with Shawn throwing in his candidacy against Corey and the marginally qualified Alvin. They all drop out, opening the position up to none other than...TOPANGA.

The third and final Presidential Debate airs tonight as we enter the final weeks of this horrid election season. To escape from real world politics, TV and City decided to look back on the best debates from our favorite shows.

Only in Pawnee can a City Council race become this crazy. In this episode, the beyond qualified Leslie Knope debates rich kid Bobby Newport, who is beloved by the public while he speaks without really saying anything (sound familiar?). Paul Rudd brings his best and adds to the hilarity of this already great comedy.

The topic of the debate: Is humanity inherently good or inherently evil? But even with disgraced lawyer Jeff Winger on their side, the Greendale debate team has some trouble arguing their side. Of course, everything works out in the end. This episode is also remembered by fans for exploring the Jeff/Annie relationship.

The episode opens by flashing back to when Daisy and Simmons first entered the Framework. Time passes in the real world. With 24 hours of power left in the Zephyr, the Agents left behind debate their options regarded whether they touch down and contact General Talbot. The device that is keeping Daisy and Simmons in the Framework is draining their power. Rather than turning it off, they decide to turn off the cloaking on the Zephyr.

For this reason, Vikings fans started a Reddit forum specifically about anany zapata or ananyzapata. So far, several fans have asked for an explanation about the final scene of Vikings Season 4, but there seems to be a lot of debate about the actual meaning of either anany zapata or ananyzapata.

Leslie faces off against Bobby Newport (guest star Paul Rudd) and the other candidates in a televised debate. Meanwhile, Ann breaks up with Tom, and Andy entertains a group of campaign financiers when they gather to watch the debate.

Ben: Okay, everybody, latest poll is Newport, 40%, Leslie, 32%, with everyone else way back. Now this debate is our best chance to close that gap. Chris, Ann, and Tom, you guys will be talking to reporters, providing facts, general spin.Chris & Ann: Spin team!Chris: This is the best possible job for me. I can literally make anything sound positive.Tom: Your house just burned down, and you lost all your money in the stock market.Chris: It's a chance to start over. Fire is cleansing, and true wealth is measured by the amount of love in your life.[aside to camera:]Chris: If I had to have anybody tell me that I had cancer, I would want it to be me.

Ron Swanson: Hello. You are here because you gave us money. Now we will give you ribs. Also you will watch the debate. If you like the debate, you'll give us more money. That is all. Ron Swanson.

Fringe: Guess you are right that Walter and Walternet were talking about the time they have had with Peter - but it was weird to me since our Walter really should have more memories of him. And usually when you talk about a person becoming who they are you are referring to years and years of watching someone grow into that person, and you are saying it to the person who raised them. Just didnt' make sense to me.Bill - I think that is an excellent question - if the Observers know they are going to take over why would they let Jones destroy our world? You may have just hit on something for the finale. LOLSherlock - it is the premier date, and I think the first 7 mins of the first ep.GofT - just like calling him smokey. But was the face Stannis's ? Some debate about that I'm hearing on the grapevine here at work. 041b061a72


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