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Mason Anderson

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing !!HOT!!

In attempting to craft a realistic fishing experience, Rapala Pro Bass Fishing got one thing exactly right: you'll be sitting around doing nothing for most of the time you play it. Unfortunately that's due to its almost insultingly lengthy load times, but we'll still give it some credit for unintentional verisimilitude.

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing

The second mode is based around free fishing, and thankfully it's much quieter. However there's not much to do apart from coast around on a variety of lakes and fish at your leisure. While this could be relaxing fun, it suffers from all of the same control issues as the first mode, and that rips "fun" right out of the equation. There are also a series of challenge rings you can activate, which present you with optional mini-missions such as hitting targets with your cast. It's not fun.

In addition to the AR Fishing game mentioned, I keep thinking back to how much I enjoyed fishing in that one little area in Twilight Princess. When Nintendo can toss something like that into a game as a side activity, it becomes even more embarrassing when dedicated fishing games fall so short of the mark.

Maybe it's just me, but I find the real sport of fishing to be pretty boring, eg sit for hours sometimes with no bites, even when you can see the fish swimmingnin the water. Then you return to camp with a nasty sunburn. And I'm a person who generally loves the outdoors. Not much of a hunter either, although if you offer me wild game (venicen, duck, rabbit, etc) on a plate (cooked of course), I'll gladly eat it!

@StarDust,Have you ever played any fishing games? I've played a few and none of them had me sitting in a boat for hours waiting for a fish to catch. That's a part of the sport that developers seem to omit when making games. Fish are more likely to take a bite when you cast and you'll get one in seconds/minutes.

Nothing will ever beat fishing in ocarina of time. I liked the fishing in twilight princess but it wasnt as addictive as trying to catch that hylian loach. As someone who enjoys fishing in reel life i never felt inclined to buy a actual fishing game. Probably because they all seem to be bass fishing which isnt available in the uk.

I've been really enjoying this game and have been posting lots of screenshots in the Rapala Miiverse Community. I'm the alien dude ( Grayson ). I'm giving a play by play of the fishing exploits of my character Earlene. Search my profile ( GDoobah ) if you'd like to see Earlene's fishing adventures.

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing is a mixed bag. The overall experience of the game will wear thin after a few hours of playtime, but the amount of Rapala licensed items to unlock, lake challenges and Monster Fish to catch add many hours of extra playtime to extend the experience. Trophy fanatics will be pleased to know that the game has a robust trophy set that includes an easy to obtain Platinum trophy. Fishing enthusiasts looking for an arcade-style fishing experience may warrant a purchase here, but otherwise this is a great rental/bargain bin title. Rapala Pro Bass Fishing brings a fast and fun Move-enabled arcade experience to the PS3 that will lure you in for awhile, but in the end falls flat.

This is a fishing simulation game in which players compete in tournaments to catch certain fish within a given time period. Players can choose from a selection of lures, rods, and reels to help them hook fish.

Rapala is a leading fishing tackle company and the global marketleader in the fishing lures, treble hooks and fishing relatedknives and tools. The Group also has a strong global position inother fishing categories. The Group has its own distributioncompanies in all the main markets and the largest distributionnetwork in the industry. The main manufacturing facilities arelocated in Finland, France, Estonia, Russia and China. The Groupbrand portfolio includes the leading brands in the industry,Rapala, and other global brands like VMC, Storm, Blue Fox, LuhrJensen, Williamson, Terminator, Trigger X, Sufix and Marttiini. TheGroup, with net sales of EUR 242 million in 2007, employs more than4,000 people in 30 countries.

Firstly thx for guide.I ve a prob i couldn't find the dottie.My dottie catching rating s 5 stars but i m catching always largemouth bass.Spawn is yellow now but i m still catching u have an advice for me?

Free fishing allows you to explore the lakes without any time limits or guidelines, but scattered around the lakes you will find red floating rings with what look like giant spinning Rapala PBF coins in the center. These are the lake challenges, they are most often quick challenges you can pick off and gain yourself some achievements or sweet new lures and gear for your next tournament. Finally in head-to-head mode you and a friend can team up for some free fishing, or defeat all the challenges on each lake.

The fishing rod controller is truly what makes fishing games feel like fishing games and without one the game feels entirely different. The Rapala PBF controller comes in two parts that snap together permanently and the crank can be fixed to either the right or left side to accomodate all players.

When everything is said and done, and you step back from all those thoughts about gameplay, mechanics, polygons and wireless controllers and how the game works. You can finally sit back and enjoy Rapala Pro Bass Fishing for what it is- the best fishing game for the Xbox 360, period.

Today a copy of Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010 showed up onour doorstep, complete with a special rod and reel peripheral. However, PS3owners have two options for playing Rapala, as the game is also compatible withthe PlayStation Move. How do they handle? Tim Turi and Ben Reeves jump into thedeep end and prove just how much they know about fishing, driving boats, andfollowing simple directions. Check out the video below.

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing pits players against real-life fishing pros on top freshwater lakes across North America - only the finest techniques and equipment will determine who is the best of the best. For the first time ever in a fishing game, the competition is set up in a professional tournament structure and the action is presented as a live TV event with announcers (including Barry Brueland, the voice of InFisherman TV), live updates, competitive leader boards, analysis, and heart-pounding final weigh-ins. The competition gets tough as you fish through over 20 tournament events on your quest for the season trophy.

The game came in a huge box which also came with a wireless fishing rod (USB2) but it also came in 2 other formats, 1 bundled with PlayStation Move and the last one was just the actual game release as the game supports all 3 controllers so anyone could play it albeit with various bad solutions. 041b061a72


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